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Horrid Henry Book Review

Why I like the book: Horrid Henry and Moody Margret fighting 2. Henry’s tricks on Peter 3. Henry has the most last laughs and makes Margret angry. 4. Moody Margret gets happy sometimes because Henry doesen’t always succeed in defeating her and her tricks work on Henry. 5. Peter is always a goody goody which […]


Electricity is all around us you use it every day. An atom is the source of electrons you think of ants as small but inside an ant is more than a 1000000000000 atoms. Inside a wire if you put too many electrons the wire the wire will burst or burn out find out more about […]


A full stop goes at the end of a sentence. comma is a pause in the middle of a sentence. A question mark goes at the end of a question. A quotation mark indicates direct speech. Round brackets are used to separate extra info. Square brackets are used by the editor to separate extra info. […]

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